Hygiene and orthodontics

Collana di Igiene dentale a cura di Enrico Gherlone
Ennio Storti
Hygiene and orthodontics
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In orthodontics, the dental hygienist plays a very important role in the management of fixed orthopaedic and/or orthodontic appliances. This book, which is handy and easy to consult, looks at areas of specific interest to the dental hygienist: from orthodontic products to the various aids useful for a correct diagnostic approach and in the planning of a therapeutic strategy (impressions, studio models, photographs and set ups). These are analysed through guidelines, operating procedures and suggestions that are of real practical use to the reader.
Finally, the book tackles, directly and giving clear and practical suggestions, the problem of the oral hygiene of the orthodontic patient and the role of the dental hygienist in what – along with a correct therapeutic programme – emerges as the orthodontist’s main objective: the achievement and maintenance of an excellent level of oral hygiene at home, a fundamental requisite for starting and successfully completing any orthodontic treatment.
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Volume 19 x 27 cm
Pages 136

Illustrated in colour
ISBN: 9788870513097

Italian edition

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