Sports injuries

Clinical practice and treatment
Antonella Ferrario, Giovanni Battista Monti, Gian Paolo Jelmoni
Sports injuries
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This sports injuries handbook is aimed essentially at doctors working “on the field” and at the whole team looking after the athletes, to enable them to understand symptoms rapidly and put in place the correct diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to deal with sports injuries.
The book is divided into sections on the different districts of the body (spine; shoulder; elbow; wrist and hand; pelvis, hip and thigh; knee, leg, ankle and foot), examining the sports pathologies associated with each of them, the aetiopathogenetic mechanisms associated with the different sporting disciplines, immediate diagnosis on the field and instrumental diagnostic procedures to be undertaken in hospital, immediate and definitive therapies, rehabilitation, and criteria governing the athlete’s return to his or her sporting activities.
Technical details

Volume 21 x 29.7 cm
Pages 480
Richly illustrated in colour
ISBN 8870512797

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