Anatomia comparata - Comparative Anatomy

Vincenzo Stingo
Luigi Abelli, Giovanni Bernardini, Patrizia Bovolin, Teresa Capriglione, Vincenzo Caputo Barucchi, Riccardo Castiglia, Carla Fenoglio, Domenico Ferri, Venera Ferrito, Fabio M. Guarino, Enrico Negrisolo, Tomaso Patarnello, Maria C. Roccheri, Lucia Rocco, Giovanni Scillitani, Luciana Sola, Vincenzo Stingo
Anatomia comparata  - Comparative Anatomy
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Comparative anatomy: searching for a common ancestor. The primary objective of comparative anatomical studies is the reconstruction of phylogenetics and informative characters of a common descent. This innovative book constitutes a tool to acquire knowledge on descriptive and functional morphology and to evaluate the main evolutionary steps for the different systems: i.e., form, function and evolution.
Distinctive features make this volume a unique text in the publishing scene:
• Simple and precise language;
• In-depth but straightforward explanations;
• Highly explicative images, made specifically for this volume;
• Updated scientific knowledge: chapters dedicated to immunology, evolutionary developmental biology (Evo-Devo), population genetics and human evolution, which up to now have never been included in this kind of books, here find their place together with more classical chapters on organ systems, which are described taking into consideration the most recent studies.
The book is completed by valuable tools for each chapter: objectives, summary, columns with cross references to related topics, supplementary information boxes and suggested readings, equipped with an extensive glossary.

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Volume 22 x 28 cm
Pages 888
Richly illustrated in colour

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