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Hand Kinesiological and functional assessment

Valutazione cinesiologica e funzionale
Francesco Sartorio, Stefano Vercelli, Giacomo Bazzini
Kinesiological and functional assessment
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Measuring and quantifying the phenomena we observe is a priority not only in the field of scientific research, but also in clinical practice: research leads to application.
This book brings together both the anatomical-physiological bases of hand and arm movement, and the methods for its evaluation, giving the reader not just theoretical notions, but also a tool useful for research, critical evaluation and scientific updating purposes.
Evaluating the different aspects of the hand, kinesiological, sensory or functional, demands extensive knowledge of the relevant methods: for each topic – evaluating wounds and scars, oedema, pain, the peripheral vascular system, sensitivity, joints, muscle strength, dexterity, and functional capacities – the book provides an overview and a critical discussion of the assessment systems, together with instructions and illustrations. Particular attention is paid to those that, in accordance with the principle of evidence-based practice, are deemed most important.
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Volume 19.5 x 26.5 cm
Pages 144
Richly illustrated
ISBN: 978-88-7051-296-0
Italian edition

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