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The Hand

Handbook of Surgery
Giorgio A. Brunelli
The Hand
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There has been enormous progress in hand surgery over the past decade, even leading to hand transplantation, an exceptional achievement given the unique nature of this body part in terms of its nerve supply and elastic properties. Essentially, the field of hand surgery and microsurgery is concerned with the following areas: congenital malformations, acquired diseases and traumatology. Each of these areas involves the application of the techniques of plastic surgery, particularly reconstructive plastic surgery, and of orthopaedics.
This textbook, to which leading experts have contributed, covers semeiotics and diagnostics, traumatic and non-traumatic pathologies, treatment, surgical techniques, rehabilitation, and hand prostheses and ortheses. Richly illustrated, this is an ideal reference book for surgeons, orthopaedics specialists, physiatrists and physical therapists.
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Volume 21 x 29.7 cm
Pages 592
Black and white and full colour illustrations
ISBN 978-88-7051-291-5
Price € 160.00Italian edition

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