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- Molecules, Cells and Systems
Egidio D'Angelo, Antonio Peres
Anna Maria Angioy, Rita Bardoni, Albertino Bigiani, Marcello Brunelli, Antonio Contestabile, Marianna Crispino, Egidio D'Angelo, Fabio Franciolini, Emilia Fugassa, Stefania Fulle, Antonio Giuditta, Renzo Levi, Maria Giulia Lionetto, Vincenzo Lombardi, Emilio Macchi, Daniela Negrini, Paola Paggi, Silvio Palmero, Antonio Peres, Marco Piccolino, Corrado Poggesi, Giorgio Rispoli, Paola Rossi, Vellea Franca Sacchi, Trifone Schettino, Rosa Serio, Giovanna Valenti, Vittorio Vellani, Antonio Zaza
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This work was born of the intention to furnish students with a reference book for their study of the mechanisms underlying the functioning of living beings, in particular within the animal kingdom: the first volume concentrates mainly on the fundamental and unifying processes involved in numerous physiological phenomena, those - usually molecular and cellular - that constitute the basis of physiological functions that may even seem far removed from one another. The second volume deals with the physiology of systems.
The topics are covered first at molecular and then at cellular level, only then examining the interactions between the cells. The final area dealt with is that of the main organs and organ systems. As well as a basic core, which contains all the classic topics (dealt with rigorously but not in unnecessary detail), there are differentiated parts that can be used according to the areas that the reader needs to explore in greater depth.
Technical details

Two volumes 21 x 29.7 cm

Pages: vol. 1 - 572, vol. 2 - 768
ISBN 8870512975, ISBN 8870512983
Italian edition

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