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MEMO Angiology of the lower limbs

Edoardo Colombo
MEMO Angiology of the lower limbs
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This book is designed to serve as a compendium, as exhaustive as possible, on lower limb angiology. In addition to the classic areas of angiology, the book contains detailed chapters on laboratory medicine and vascular pharmacology. The diagrams and flow charts are intended to help the physician formulate vascular diagnoses and develop the most appropriate therapeutic protocols, also inducing him or her to reflect upon the many possible differential diagnoses. The illustrations, an integral and fundamental aspect of study of this subject, are essential and schematic, designed to highlight the most important aspects. The book, deliberately written to reflect as closely as possible, everyday clinical practice in angiology, is not a text aimed exclusively at angiologists. It is intended to serve as a guide for all professionals (specialists in orthopaedics, physical medicine, and general medicine, surgeons, gynaecologists, dermatologists) who, in their daily work, encounter vascular diseases of the lower limbs.
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Volume 11.5 x 18 cm
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Pages 192
ISBN 88-7051-269-X
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