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MEMO - CInesiologia - Kinesiology

Vincenzo Pirola
MEMO - CInesiologia - Kinesiology
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Memo Cinesiologia is a concise yet exhaustive treatise on the topics crucial to a good understanding of human movement: neurophysiology, biomechanics, functional anatomy, the assessment of joints and muscles.
The book, which is intended to serve as a small but complete, “encyclopaedia of movement”, is divided into chapters that look, in detail, at the main districts of the human body.
The book has over 830 illustrations (diagrams and drawings) of extraordinary quality and clarity; it also contains many tables, an essential bibliography on the topics covered, and an analytical index. In particular, Memo Cinesiologia furnishes essential information for assessing the mobility of all the joints and the strength of the main muscles.

Technical details

Volume 11.5 x 18 cm
Flexible hardbound
Pages 672
Over 800 illustrations

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