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Human Anatomy - Multimedial Interactive Atlas - Vol. 3

Giuseppe Anastasi, Eugenio Gaudio, Carlo Tacchetti, Estomih Mtui (Editor English Edition)
Giuseppe Anastasi, Paolo Castano, Sergio Castorina, Ottavio Cremona, Raffaele De Caro, Eugenio Gaudio, Guido Macchiarelli, Mario Rende, Domenico Ribatti, Chiarella Sforza, Carlo Tacchetti
Human Anatomy - Multimedial Interactive Atlas - Vol. 3
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“Human Anatomy - Multimedial Interactive Atlas” is made of a paper Atlas and a web platform (Virtual Campus), combining an innovative learning strategy for anatomy, based on a precise representation of the anatomical structures and virtual spaces in the living human.

The Paper Atlas follows a regional and a topographic approach. Each illustrated chapter provides:
• Anatomical drawings masterfully made with a high educational impact
• Stratigraphic sequences to reconstruct the organization of anatomical regions
• Realistic 2D and 3D renderings from CT or MR imaging exams
• Photographs of laparoscopic and endoscopic exams
• Clear legends, summary tables and schemes to facilitate learning
• Recall icons to web platform contents.

The web platform Virtual Campus, so innovative in the Anatomy Atlas world, displays a rich collection of didactic material content:
• a complete course of Topographic Anatomy offers guided tracks through specific resources;
• 3D interactive reconstructions of organs or anatomical regions from CT or MRI exams;
• commented laparoscopy and endoscopy videos;
• commented dissection movies;
• interactive stratigraphic animations.

Contents Plan
Volume 3
Upper limb
Lower limb
Nervous system


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Volumes 23 x 31 cm
Pages 704
Richly illustrated in colour

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