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Semeiotica e trattamento

Vincenzo Rucco
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Spasticity is a pathological state of increased muscle tone that has certain typical manifestations: the choice of the most appropriate therapeutic strategy depends on the identification of these manifestations and of the muscles mainly involved. For this reason, much of this volume is devoted to descriptions of the typical signs, symptoms and motor patterns of spasticity, before looking in depth at their treatment.
The aim of this manual is to simplify the approach to focal and regional spasticity treatments: it describes short-term focal spasticity treatments (the application of supports, ortheses and bandages, and the use of anaesthetic nerve blocks) and medium-term ones (neuromuscular blocks with type A botulinum toxin and phenol blocks of the motor nerves or motor points of the affected muscles). Botulinum toxin treatment has been integrated into other focal treatments (phenol blocks of the motor nerves or motor points) and into rehabilitation treatments (ortheses, joint mobilisation, motor re-education) thereby obtaining a synergistic action and far better clinical results.
As well as dealing with the theory, through an extensive iconography (photographs and illustrations), the volume looks at the practical and operational implications of these treatments.

Specialists in physical medicine, neurologists, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation specialists, orthopaedic
specialists, algologists (pain specialists).

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Volume 19,5 x 26 cm
Pagine 192
Riccamente illustrato a colori

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