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Incontinenza urinaria femminile - Female urinary incontinence

Manuale per la riabilitazione
Donatella Giraudo, Gianfranco Lamberti
Incontinenza urinaria femminile - Female urinary incontinence
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Urinary incontinence is a disorder associated not only with embarrassment and a sense of shame, but also with a general lack of information and a reluctance to seek medical help.
This book focuses on the main form of incontinence, i.e. non-neurogenic stress incontinence, a disorder frequently observed in women. It covers the main approaches to assessment and rehabilitation, particularly clinical assessment with a view to the development of an effective rehabilitation programme.
The book is richly illustrated and has numerous flowcharts which clarify the approach. Kinesitherapy should be regarded as the most important means at the disposal of the rehabilitation therapist. This is an approach that, in respect of the different and complex synergies between organs, systems and functions, demands the use of truly global therapeutic exercise. Kinesitherapy is supported by biofeedback techniques, particularly telemetric procedures, for the evaluation and treatment of functions in the context of daily life. Finally, the real significance of functional electrical stimulation is assessed.

Technical details

Volume 19.5 x 26 cm

Pages approx. 160

Richly illustrated
ISBN 9788870513035

Italian edition

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