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Chimica organica essenziale - Essential Organic Chemistry

2nd Edition

Bruno Botta
Maria Emanuela Amato, Giovanni Battista Appendino, Stefano Banfi, Paola Maria Bonaccorsi, Bruno Botta, Sandro Cacchi, Enrico Caruso, Ilaria D’Acquarica, Leonardo Degennaro, Giancarlo Fabrizi, Luca Forti, Concetta Imperatore, Renzo Luisi, Fabio Mantellini, Marialuisa Menna, Marco Pierini, Barbara Richichi, Maurizio Taddei, Giovanni Zappia
Chimica organica essenziale - Essential Organic Chemistry
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“Essential organic chemistry” deals with the main topics of organic chemistry in a simple and clear way by accompanying the student’s learning of the discipline through a precise path, facilitated by the insertion of specific deepening frameworks and numerous exercises. The most important definitions are summarized by key concepts listed at the side of the text and a large set of images, drawings and graphics enriches it. The novelty of the work also lies in its virtual content (Virtual Campus) for the student and for the teacher.
“Essential organic chemistry” relies on the experience acquired from a wider volume and seeks to provide students with a compact tool for the study of the matter. To achieve this goal, the Authors have made an effort of synthesis by focusing on what is essential for the student who intends to acquire sustainable knowledge of the matter: general aspects and fundamentals of reactivity in organic chemistry, IUPAC nomenclature, chemical and physical properties and chemical reactivity of each particular class.

Web area (Virtual campus) displays a rich collection of didactic material content:
Reaction mechanisms
Molecular models
4000 exercises

Technical details

Volume 21 x 28 cm
Pages 576
Richly illustrated in colour

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