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Il parto - Childbirth

Obstetrics and Neonatology Handbook

Salvatore Felis, Stefano Parmigiani
Il parto - Childbirth
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In the delivery room, various healthcare professionals work together aiming at a common goal: the best obstetric and neonatal care and the relative well being of mother and newborn, ensuring the birth of an healthy child for an healthy woman. Based on the contribution of different specialists, the book illustrates the current medical and obstetric practice in birth centers with a clear, scientific and educational approach.
Integrating obstetrics aspects and neonatology – an essential procedure to quickly identify and effectively deal with any contingency – the book represents a comprehensive text where each topic is explained in a concise but accurate and substantiated style, with detailed images and figures made specifically for this volume.
The anatomy of the pelvis, mechanisms of labor and new obstetric and perinatal medicine techniques – obstetric ultrasonography, prenatal diagnostics, neonatal intensive care... – are described in order to explain the most effective practice for childbirth and newborn care, both in low-risk and high-risk cases.
This handbook aims at providing a simple and updated tool for different professionals in birth centers.

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