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Functional Bandaging in Orthopedic and Sports Traumatology - Digital Edition


Claudio Zimaglia
Functional Bandaging in Orthopedic and Sports Traumatology - Digital Edition
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The functional treatment of trauma, with regard to immobilization produced by the use of plaster casts, promotes post-traumatic recovery and facilitates the practice of preventive treatments and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. It consists of restraint systems that use partial immobilisation braces or dynamic bandages capable of both protecting the injured motor structures, thereby reducing stress on the compromised area while preserving the normal functionality of the other segments, as well as eliminating the drawbacks of inactivity. The functional bandage, a dynamic restraint offering partial immobilisation capable of supporting and stabilising the various joint components, fully meets any practical needs, particularly in the sporting world. The main objective of the functional bandage is the treatment of traumatic injuries with benign spontaneous evolution: the results of muscle injuries from indirect or direct trauma, distortive capsuloligamentous traumatic injuries, as well as tendon damage. The work describes more than seventy different examples of the application of functional bandages with extreme clarity and efficacy, illustrated by over a thousand images. The description of each bandage is accompanied by a detailed indication of the musculoskeletal structure receiving treatment, a clear and concise list of materials used for each technique as well as their characteristics, specific information on their indications for use, in particular in the field of prevention and rehabilitation in the sporting environment, and it is accompanied by extensive sequences of images to illustrate the individual steps used.

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296 pages
Richly illustrated

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