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La comprensione empirica del comportamento abusante

Carlo Rosso, Maura Franca Garombo, Pier Maria Furlan
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Cases of sexual abuse feature increasingly frequently in the daily press and media and awareness of these problems has undoubtedly increased, but information about and analysis of the phenomenon tend to be incorrect: civil society is generally poorly informed about sexual aggressors and their victims.

Therefore, the authors of this book – who have considerable experience in the treatment of sexual aggressors – analyse abusive sexual behaviour, different types of sexual aggressor, unifactorial and multifactorial theories of sexual aggression, models of the processes of sexual aggression and of relapse prevention, and the basis for and critical areas in the treatment of sexual aggressors.


Sexual violence is a widespread phenomenon: victims often know their aggressors and only around 12% of incidents of sexual violence are reported. The trauma resulting from such abuse has not only physical but above all mental repercussions, which profoundly affect victims’ lives, predisposing them to develop mood and personality disorders.

Is it possible, then, to talk of prevention? Sexual aggressors are «sick», but, from a legal point of view, fully chargeable: they have major psychological, psychopathological, relational and cultural issues that need to be fully understood, also in order to help the victims themselves to understand that behind the “monster” there will often lie psychological misery, deprivation and cultural distortions – problems that need to be targeted not only by restrictive-type interventions but also by rehabilitation interventions, which should, following a rightful conviction, be implemented during the period of imprisonment.

For whom?

Psychiatrists, medical doctors, sexologists, psychotherapists,  psychologists


Carlo Rosso is a doctor and psychotherapist, who specialises in psychiatry, sexology and sexual psychotherapy; he lectures in psychology and psychopathology at the School of Specialisation in Clinical Psychology and on the degree course in psychiatric rehabilitation techniques at the “San Luigi Gonzaga”  Faculty of Medicine and Surgery; University of Turin; he is president of the Italian Society of Clinical Sexology and Sexual Psychopathology (SISPSe) – a special section of the Italian Society of Psychiatry; he is on the board of the Italian Society of Psychiatry; he has published numerous scientific studies relating to sexual disorders, sexual problems in mental disorders and sexual psychopathology generally. He was trained in the treatment of sexual aggressors at the Sexual Behaviour Unit in Newcastle (UK) and coordinates the programme of treatment of sexual aggressors produced by SISPSe in collaboration with and under the supervision of the Sexual Behaviour Unit in Newcastle.

Maura Franca Garombo is a psychologist and psychotherapist; she has worked for 20 years in the field of training, prevention and treatment of alcohol-related problems according to the ecological-social approach. Since 2001 she has been the scientific secretary of SISPSe (the Italian Society of Clinical Sexology and Sexual Psychopathology) and she is involved in training activities and the treatment of sexuality-related disorders. Since 2004, she has conducted studies and research in the field of sexual offending, undergoing training and courses at the Sexual Behaviour Unit in Newcastle (UK), focusing in particular on the areas of risk assessment and risk management.

Pier Maria Furlan is a doctor and psychoanalyst, who specialises in psychiatry. He is president of the II Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Turin, coordinator of the Piedmont “ASL TO3” Regional Health Authority’s integrated department of mental and dependence disorders, and ordinary professor as well as director of the University Department of Psychiatry at the  “San Luigi Gonzaga” Hospital in Turin. He is president of numerous scientific societies in Italy and abroad and he has published, among over 250 scientific works, various studies relating to sexual disorders, sexual problems in mental disorders and sexual psychopathology generally.

Key words

Sexology, psychiatry, psychology, mental health

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Volume 15 x 21 cm
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