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Victimology and psychiatry


Collana Universitaria

Gian Carlo Nivoli, Liliana Lorettu, Paolo Milia, Alessandra M.A. Nivoli, L. Fabrizia Nivoli
Victimology and psychiatry
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Individual insecurity and distress are problems too often confined to the spheres of sociological analysis or political debate: little attention is paid to the devastating effects that the experience of violence, in its many different forms, can have on the mental health of the single individual.

Thus there tends to be little talk of victims (individuals exposed, often frequently, to dramatic events or abuses): their needs, rights, and requirements in terms of support, including technical-professional support. Interest in the victim rapidly declines, the main focus of attention being the perpetrator of the crime or the causes of the event in question. Even today, institutions, society and public opinion all tend to adopt attitudes of denial, or certainly inadequate recognition, vis-à-vis the victim, and sometimes even attitudes of  implicit moral condemnation.



The book “Victimology and psychiatry” is a detailed and exhaustive treatise on the specific psychopathologies and treatments of different types of victim. The victim is an individual who is enduring physical and mental distress as a result of damaging interpersonal events characterised by violence, exploitation, prevarication, de-legitimisation (often associated with deviant or criminal behaviours), or of catastrophic events (natural or caused by man: loss of freedom, isolation, stigma, grief, genocide, and so on).


For whom?

This book aims, from a multidisciplinary perspective – and fully respecting the various and specific areas of expertise – to give all mental health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, criminologists, sociotherapists, etc.) and forensic specialists (experts, consultants, administrators of justice, those involved in conducting civil and criminal trials, scholars of law, etc.)  an opportunity to understand, and thus treat, the physical and mental distress suffered by victims and to intervene, taking into account in a balanced way and with a view to prevention (prevention of mental disease in the individual and of the resultant damage to society), on its various aspects – biological, psychiatric, psychcoanalytical and social.



Gian Carlo Nivoli is ordinary professor of psychiatry and director of the School of Specialisation in Psychiatry of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of  Sassari; he is the author of numerous publications in the sphere of forensic psychiatry, he is on the board of the Italian Society of  Forensic Psychiatry, of which he is also a past president.

Liliana Lorettu is associate professor of psychiatry at the University of  Sassari and director of the degree course in psychiatric rehabilitation techniques. She is also president of the  Italian Society of  Forensic Psychiatry. She, too, has numerous publications to her name.

An out-and-out “school” has grown up around these two authors, whose members are the other authors of this book: Paolo Milia, Alessandra A.M. Nivoli and L. Fabrizia Nivoli.

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