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Handbook of biopsychosocial psychiatry


Collana Universitaria

Secondo Fassino, Giovanni Abbate Daga, Paolo Leonbruni
Handbook of biopsychosocial psychiatry
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A novelty in the field of psychiatry: a handbook written from a biopsychosocial and psychodynamic perspective, in accordance with the scientific-clinical approach that, in recent years, research evidence has shown to be the most advanced and effective. This book is readily consultable, offering different levels of study and detail to suit readers with different levels of knowledge and training. It is suitable for students as well as for specialists and those specialising in psychiatry and clinical psychology. It is also ideal for expert psychiatrists, psychologists and biologists looking for a handy and valid source of professional updating.

The handbook – already adopted by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Turin and  a fundamental reference text for students and professionals in this sector – responds to the changes that have taken place in recent years in the field of  psychiatry, offering, through psychosocial and biological references, an integrated overview of the subject. In the four sections of this work, a considerable amount of space is devoted to descriptions of  diseases and of interventions, albeit without excluding the DSM-IV-TR’s classificatory model. In particular, the first part looks at the foundations of  psychiatry, beginning with its very definition; the second provides descriptions of the most important clinical pathologies, focusing on psychodynamic interpretations of them; the third part is devoted to treatments (drug treatments, psychotherapy and rehabilitation), and to the description of a new fundamental instrument for developing treatment programmes – the psychodynamic approach; the fourth and last part deals with new developments in psychiatry, applied to other branches of medicine, to ethics and to the new discoveries in the field of the neurosciences.

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