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The electrocardiogram: a 12-piece puzzle


Giuseppe Oreto, Francesco Luzza, Antonino Donato, Vincenzo Carbone, Gaetano Satullo, Maria Pia Calabrò
The electrocardiogram: a 12-piece puzzle
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Despite being well over 100 years old, the electrocardiogram continues to be the instrumental diagnostic method of choice among cardiologists and, unlike other investigations, it has been little affected by the advance of technology. Indeed, ECGs recorded many decades ago differ only slightly, if at all, from those recorded today. However, while the instrument itself has remained practically unchanged, what has evolved is the way in which it is used: over time, cardiologists have gradually become aware of previously unknown cardiac pathologies in which the ECG can make a contribution, often decisive, to diagnosis and thus treatment.  



The author has poured 25 years’ experience of lecturing in electrocardiography into this work, which is divided into two volumes. The result is a complete and up-to-date text that successfully combines theory with practice, and historical information with the most recent knowledge. Moreover, as a guide to the interpretation of ECG traces, the authors opts not for the morphological, but rather for the vectorial approach.

The first volume sets out the principles on which interpretation of the electrocardiogram is based, while the second guides the reader through a repertory of 341 electrocardiograms; the author analyses these critically and, in each case, shows the path leading to the eventual diagnosis.


For whom?

This book draws on electrocardiogaphy lectures given to doctors training to specialise in cardiology: the apparent simplicity of the electrocardiogram is actually deceptive: a correct interpretation of an ECG requires lengthy and careful analysis.


The Author

Giuseppe Oreto is ordinary professor of cardiology at the University of Messina. A pupil of Leo Schamroth, he has, since the death of his mentor, striven to keep Schamroth’s memory alive through countless educational seminars on electrocardiography. He is the author of numerous articles and books on topics relating to electrocardiology, including: L’analisi dell’ECG standard nella diagnosi delle aritmie cardiache (1988), Il dilemma del QRS largo (1990), I disordini del ritmo cardiaco (1997), La sindrome di Wolff-Parkinson-White (2000).

Technical details

Opera in 2 volumi
Volumi 19 x 26 cm
Pagine complessive 900
Riccamente illustrati
Indice analitico

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