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Fisiologia - Physiology


Egidio D'Angelo, Antonio Peres
Rita Bardoni, Gerardo Biella, Albertino Bigiani, Marianna Crispino, Egidio D'Angelo, Maria Egle De Stefano, Carla Distasi, Riccardo Fesce, Fabio Franciolini, Stefania Fulle, Renzo Levi, Guido Li Volsi, Maria Giulia Lionetto, Vincenzo Lombardi, Emilio Macchi, Daniela Negrini, Silvio Palmero, Antonio Peres, Paola Perin, Corrado Poggesi, Giorgio Rispoli, Paola Rossi, Vellea Franca Sacchi, Trifone Schettino, Rosa Serio, Giovanna Valenti, Vittorio Vellani, Antonio Zaza, Michele Zoli
Fisiologia - Physiology
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The aim of “Physiology”, which draws on the experience gained in a larger work, is to offer students a compact reference source for studying the mechanisms underlying the functioning of living beings, particularly in the animal kingdom, focusing particularly on the fundamental processes that constitute the molecular and cellular bases of physiological functions even seemingly remote from one another. The topics are dealt with in the following order: molecular and cellular bases, and their relative interactions, followed by an exploration of functions and organ systems. This progression from the microscopic to the macroscopic makes it possible to deal initially with a series of elementary processes which are subsequently re-encountered in action, contributing to the realisation of complex physiological functions.

The text is enriched by the dedicated website – Virtual campus - where it is possible to find numerous detailed and specific studies in different areas: molecular biophysics, comparative physiology, applied research, pathophysiology, history of science. These digital contents – divided into Topics, Labs, Tests, Lectures, Video/Media, Professor’s Area – can be adapted as appropriate, since they also include resources of different types linked to self-assessment tests, useful for evaluating the level of preparation.

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Volume 21 x 29,7
Pages 800
Richly illustrated in colour

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