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Fisiologia medica - volumi 1 e 2 - Medical physiology - vol.s I and II


Second edition

Fiorenzo Conti
Alexandra Battaglia-Mayer, Piero Paolo Battaglini, Natale Belluardo, Fabrizio Benedetti, Fabio Benfenati, Fulvia Bongianni, Roberto Bottinelli, Roberto Burattini, Roberto Caminiti, Carlo Capelli, Giovanni Cecchi, Enrico Cherubini, Antonio Colantuoni, Fiorenzo Conti, Gilberto Corbellini, Paola d'Ascanio, Luciano Domenici, Fabrizio Eusebi, Giorgio Fanò, Antonio Federici, Guido Ferretti, Riccardo Fesce, Vittorio Gallese, Rosario Giuffrida, Claudio Grassi, Flavio Keller, Francesco Lacquaniti, Giuseppe Luppino, Pierre Magistretti, Claudio Maioli, Antonio Malgaroli, Diego Manzoni, Anna Menini, Alberto E. Minetti, Claudio Molinari, Pier Giorgio Montarolo, Vito Enrico Pettorossi, Vittorio Ricci, Ferdinando Rossi, Eugenio Scarnati, Catia Sternini, Giancarlo Tassinari, Filippo Tempia, Giulio Tononi
9788870513462 - volume 1
9788870513479 - volume 2
Fisiologia medica - volumi 1 e 2 - Medical physiology - vol.s I and II
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The warm reception given by students, lecturers and the scientific community to the first edition of  Medical Physiology (2005) proved to be a major incentive to make the book even more up-to-date, complete and  useful.

The general structure of this second edition is exactly the same as the first, whereas important changes have been made to the content of the different sections. These changes are not restricted to updating,  rebalancing of topics and improving and updating of figures: in some cases the content of the chapters has been redistributed and re-organised in order to achieve greater clarity, to highlight certain topics or to add new parts; in others, new cases have been added, devoted to extremely interesting areas that have seen major advances in recent years, such as brain plasticity, the physiology of emotions, the biomechanics of locomotion and aging; or to approach other topics, such as arterial circulation and the respiratory system, in a less conventional way.

Medical Physiology, the result of work by a close-knit group of Italian physiologists, is a product designed to meet the new needs of medical school students. The aim was to produce a work combining simplicity and the desire to satisfy the reader’s every curiosity,  scientific and cultural: thus, alongside well-established and fundamental information, which constitutes the core of the book, the reader will also find more advanced concepts and numerous boxes containing detailed methodological, historical and physiopathological and/or clinical  information. Special care has been taken to produce clear, modern and attractive figures and graphics.

Technical details

Volume 1 - Volume 21 x 29,7 cm

Pages 944,631 colour illustrations

Volume 2 -  Volume 21 x 29,7 cm

Pages 976, 745 colour illustrations

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