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Patient therapeutic education


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Maria Grazia Albano
Patient therapeutic education
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Most problems arising in the treatment of patients with chronic disorders are linked to motivation. Can a patient be stimulated, over time, to permanently modify his behaviours? If so, how?

Patient therapeutic education (PTE) is an activity, recognised by the WHO, whose aim is, precisely, to enable the patient, and his family, to acquire skills to manage his illness and treatment, and to prevent avoidable complications, while maintaining or improving his quality of life.

This book, written by experts and professionals in the PTE field, deals with the currently topical issues within the sector and replies to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between medical education and patient education? What is PTE and how is it evaluated?

Indeed, in chronic diseases, like diabetes, cardiac decompensation, and coagulation disorders, it is essential,  in addition to the normal interventions, for the patient to play an active and conscious role in the treatment of his condition.

This book sets out the most recent official recommendations for the  implementation of PTE programmes, developed in France by the Haute Autorité de Santé. It also presents several models for applying this practice within hospitals and specialist medical settings in Italy.



Maria Grazia Albano is associate professor in medical didactics at the University of Foggia and «chercheur associée» at the Laboratoire de pédagogie de la Santé, University of Paris XIII.

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