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Stabilometria clinica - Clinical Stabilometry


Balance and Posture: Measurement and Evaluation

Riccardo Schiffer
Stabilometria clinica - Clinical Stabilometry
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Stabilometric analysis allows for the evaluation and measurement of balance using a computerized platform: this examination is used for studying a subject’s posture, evaluating the distribution of vertical forces on the plane of support and measuring stability via the precision of postural control and energy used. This volume gives the reader an orientation to the procedures, techniques and protocols specific to this method. It provides an analysis of the balance and posture systems, the applicable principles for formulating an individual’s stability evaluation in erect and seated positions, and guidance for undertaking a fruitful clinical-diagnostic-therapeutic path based on the principles of postural disorders. Included are sections on:
• principal aspects of stabilometric analysis (statics, gravity, barycenter, posture, equilibrium and position)
• how to evaluate patients via postural indicators
• how to carry out the instrumental evaluation in order to implement a proper clinical-diagnostictherapeutic course for the principal postural disorders
• 18 illustrated and annotated clinical cases, and a rich and original iconographic component.

Technical details

Volume 21x27 cm
Pages 208
Richly illustrated in colour

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