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Anatomia dell'Uomo - Human Anatomy


Seconda edizione

Glauco Ambrosi, Dario Cantino, Paolo Castano, Silvia Correr, Loredana D'Este, Rosario F. Donato, Giuseppe Familiari, Francesco Fornai, Massimo Gulisano, Annalisa Iannello, Ludovico Magaudda, Maria F. Marcello, Alberto M. Martelli, Paolo Pacini, Mario Rende, Pellegrino Rossi, Chiarella Sforza, Carlo Tacchetti, Roberto Toni, Giovanni Zummo
Anatomia dell'Uomo - Human Anatomy
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The rigorously scientific presentation of the contents, the modern graphics and the wealth of illustrations make this volume a complete reference work for study and consultation, designed in particular to meet the needs of students doing degree courses in biological and health-related disciplines. An introductory part covering the general organisation of the human body is followed by a descriptive anatomy part, characterised by the traditional subdivision into apparatuses and systems, crucial to acquaint the reader fully with all the aspects of basic anatomy and to provide the broadest possible overview of the human body. The regional anatomy section examines in depth the different parts of the human body, while the part devoted to the general principles of movement looks at the anatomical bases, joint and muscle dynamics and characteristics of muscle work. The fifth and final part (embryology and organogenesis) is crucial to gaining a full understanding of how organs and apparatuses develop during the embryonic and foetal period.

Technical details

Volume 19.5 x 26.5 cm


Pages 672

600 black and white and full colour illustrations

ISBN 8870512886

2nd italian edition

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