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Anatomia microscopica - Atlante - Microscopy Anatomy - Atlas


Manrico Morroni
Anatomia microscopica - Atlante  - Microscopy Anatomy - Atlas
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The study of microscopic anatomy requires an in-depth knowledge and assiduous work with histological preparations: one must know how to interpret and recognise what is being seen with the microscope, while learning how to differentiate one organ from another despite their similar organisation (differential diagnosis). The objectives of the Atlas of Microscopic Anatomy are: to reproduce the laboratory experience, each structure presented on a single plane at different magnifications of optical and electron microscopy; to allow for simple and immediate reference, with accompanying tables and text on the adjacent pages. The structure or organ treated is clearly identified: the origin of the section, the type of staining and microscope (electronic, transmission, scanning).
The morphology and organisation of the organ (or tissue) are described, references to biology and physiology are included to highlight the relationship between form and function. Tables and concise summaries are used to describe the criteria for differential diagnosis.
The richness and quality of microscopic images are provided by more than 600 drawings, original colour photomicrographs and electron micrographs of human tissues (95% of the images were taken of sections of human organs, many of which are rare and difficult to obtain). This allows to have a fast and clear shift from a detailed view at a low magnification to that of a higher magnification, typical of electron microscopy. From an overview to a zoomed cell image to highlight its organular pattern with descriptive and clarifying texts.

The web platform Virtual campus, an innovation in the world of microscopic anatomy atlases, assembles a rich assortment of educational materials:
• interactive presentations about microscopic anatomy;
• videos with commentary;
• online lectures and workshops;
• self-assessment tests.

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Volume 21 x 29,7 cm
Pages 592
Richly illustrated in colour

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