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Diagnostic tests in cardiology


Come, quando, per chi

Emanuela T. Locati, Marco Stramba-Badiale
Diagnostic tests in cardiology
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The original idea behind this book is to focus specifically on diagnostic tests in cardiology. The volume is organised in a simple and linear way: starting with the most commonly used methods such as the electrocardiogram and  echocardiogram, it then moves on to the more specialised and sophisticated ones, like endocavitary electrophysiological studies and genetic tests. The aim of each chapter can be summed up in the phrase: “how, when, for whom”: it includes a concise description of the method , technical data making it possible to assess the performance quality  of the given examination, indications for clinical and prognostic purposes, and also any relevant recent guidelines issued by national and international scientific societies. Possible limitations of different methods are considered, also giving examples  of their inappropriate use. Specific reference is made to the cost-benefit aspect  and finally there is an assessment of the outlook as regards technological development and the still unresolved clinical issues. 


The texts currently available in the sphere of cardiology generally describe cardiovascular diseases and do not focus specifically on diagnostic methods. Conversely, the handbooks that do deal with diagnostic methods tend to be monographic and highly specialised. Concise but complete, this book is intended to serve as a tool for reference and updating; it is made up of six parts, each of which describes the testing methods relating to a specific area (electrocardiographic, echocardiographic, electrophysiological, radiographic and nuclear, autonomic and blood chemistry). All the chapters are by authors who are experts not only at national but also at international level, and they have succeeded in creating, overall, a  readily consultable volume able to clarify rapidly the indications for and significance of the different tests.


For whom?

This book is useful not only for clinical cardiologists but also for general practitioners who often have to assess the potential usefulness  of requesting specific diagnostic tests; it is also a valuable resource for sports physicians, specialist cardiologists operating in the field, as well as for other specialists (in internal medicine, geriatrics, paediatrics, diabetology, pneumology, nephrology) who find themselves having to evaluate or prescribe cardiological examinations.



Emanuela T. Locati is a freelance cardiologist and consultant at the  “A. de Gasperis” Cardiovascular Department,  Niguarda “Ca’ Granda” Hospital, Milan


Marco Stramba-Badiale is director of the Unit of Rehabilitation Medicine, Presidio  “San Luca-San Michele”, IRCCS Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Milan

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Volume 17 x 24 cm
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