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This sports injuries handbook is aimed essentially at doctors working “on the field” and at the whole team looking after the athletes, to enable them to understand symptoms rapidly and put in place the correct diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to deal with sports injuries.
The book is divided into sections on the different districts of the body (spine; shoulder; elbow; wrist and hand; pelvis, hip and thigh; knee, leg, ankle and foot), examining the sports pathologies associated with each of them, the aetiopathogenetic mechanisms associated with the different sporting disciplines, immediate diagnosis on the field and instrumental diagnostic procedures to be undertaken in hospital, immediate and definitive therapies, rehabilitation, and criteria governing the athlete’s return to his or her sporting activities.
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In sintonia con la disciplina di riferimento, il “nuovo medico” di pronto soccorso, dovendo assumere compiti e competenze per l’approccio più adeguato ad ogni tipologia dell’urgenza emergenza, dovrà perseguire una formazione globale e non settoriale,...
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La traumatologia sportiva occupa un posto preminente nella medicina dello sport e ciò spiega perché siano stati realizzati così tanti studi. I più recenti sono tutti orientati a soddisfare l’esigenza di considerare l’atleta infortunato diversamente d...
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The authors’ aim is to provide rehabilitation guidelines useful in traumatology. For practical purposes, the different problems that are most likely to be treated using physiokinesitherapy programmes alone (on account of their frequency and the tendency to adopt a conservative therapeutic approach) are dealt with by anatomical area – shoulder, knee, lumbar spine. Particular attention is paid to soft tissue injuries as an expression of functional overloading in sport. Kinesitherapy, understood as therapeutic exercise, is still the cornerstone of rehabilitation: instrumental physical therapy, massotherapy and taping are complementary and synergic methods. Rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy are illustrated through schemes and protocols relating to the main clinical pictures and there are also illustrations of some specific exercises for different body areas. For preventive purposes, and also for monitoring the real level of recovery during the rehabilitation phase, provision must be made for an assessment phase, during which the specific athletic movement-action is analysed.
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Football injuries: is it possible to prevent them and how?

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Nel programma riabilitativo del paziente affetto da esiti di trauma cranico, il trattamento in acqua ha una grande importanza ed è un’integrazione e un completamento della terapia neuromotoria e neuropsicologica.
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Il volume, diviso in sezioni dedicate rispettivamente all'instabilità di spalla, di ginocchio e caviglia nell'atleta, riunisce quanto di più aggiornato e attuale nel campo della medicina dello sport e della riabilitazione dell'atleta infortunato. L'a...
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